Massage in Moscow

Welcome to – your authoritative resource for finding the ultimate massage services in Moscow Russia. Moscow spa parlours have a storied tradition in Russia, with world-class licensed therapists offering Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, and hot oil massages to those seeking relief. Relaxation masseuses and happy ending massage in Moscow are also readily available, with demand on the increase as business travelers increase. Always keep safety in mind in Russia, and be sure to educate yourself before taking part in any action.

Moscow Massage Center offers both Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Massage Parlours in Moscow

Moscow spas and massage parlours have an important role in the culture. From historic bath houses to luxurious massage hotels, there is something for everyone. Historically, the massage practices in Russia have evolved from both Slavic and worldwide influence, and today one can find any type of massage that is desired. Swedish therapists are common, and even eastern massage types have gained in popularity, especially Shiatsu and Thai.

Massage Hotels in Moscow

Some of the larger business hotels along with specialty hotels offer massage as part of their packages. Typically the facilities themselves are modern, while therapy staff are often under-trained and uncertified. Rooms can include a jacuzzi tub, and common areas often include Finnish dry saunas and steam saunas, shared pools, and a separate massage table area for therapy sessions. While these establishments can offer an excellent relaxing getaway or upscale accommodations in Moscow, their reputation in the massage community is often poor.

The Russian Banyas

The banya or bath house plays an important part in Moscow culture. More than simply a therapy center, the banya is also a key place to socialize with comrades while relaxing. The banya experience begins by entering and paying the fee, then men and women go into separate areas. The body should be first cleaned, and often a bucket and sponge are provided for this. The visitor then enters the steam shower room, and chooses the hottest comfortable shower temperature for several minutes. Then proceeding to the large pools, the guest will typically jump into the cool water which feels refreshing while closing the body’s pores immediately. This process is repeated several times, and results in clean pores and a feeling of invigoration. The routines in the banya are well followed, so foreign visitors might wish to go with a local the first time visiting such an establishment. Many of the banyas in Moscow are very impressive though, so if you have the time it’s definitely recommended to experience this at least once!

In a traditional banya, guests will hit each other’s body with soft twigs.

Thai Massage in Moscow

Eastern massage traditions like Shiatsu and Thai have become increasingly popular in Moscow. During a Thai massage session, the therapist enters into a partnership with the client, and focuses on areas of the body experiencing blocked energy. Meridian points are stimulated with firm finger pressure, releasing energy if done correctly. Stretches also play an important part of Thai therapy, which is often done on a floor & mat. After a Thai massage session, the client often feels a restored balance, a more flexible body, and a refreshed sense of energy. Is it any wonder this massage style has so many new fans?

Moscow Swedish Massage Parlors

Swedish massage is perhaps the most common in Moscow, and with good reason. The Swedish therapy is particularly well suited for a fatigued body, and is a great choice for those looking for a release from stress. During a typical Swedish massage, the therapist uses hot oils in combination with long strokes and circular motions to stimulate large muscle and joint areas throughout the body. Known to result in an overall feeling of well being and relief from muscle tension, a Swedish massage in Moscow is a great choice for those wanting a good quality, overall massage for a tired body.

Erotic Massage Salons in Moscow

Sensual massage parlours in Moscow have become more common in recent years, and can even be found near tourist centers. And while many massage parlours throughout the city offer a happy ending, a firm line exists between manual-only service and an “intime” experience, which is basically prostitution. Erotic massages in Moscow are often sought by foreign visitors, but care should be taken to avoid embarrassing situations in the parlours. Unless one is sure of the salon offerings, the therapists can be easily offended by approaching such a topic.

Massage parlors in Moscow offer something for everyone. From large hotel spas and historic banyas, to the tourist trap parlors and sensual salons, the variety of massage in Moscow is perhaps unmatched anywhere. Eastern massages can easily be found if one prefers, and a Swedish style parlour is in almost any neighborhood in Moscow. The banyas are great experiences for locals and visitors alike, and the intime salons continue to draw foreign business travelers. The fact is, in Moscow the most difficult part of enjoying a massage is choosing just one!

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